My Cake Gallery

Welcome to my cake gallery. This is a collection of some of the cakes I have made over the years. You can click on some of the photos and it will direct you to the post that I made for it. There are some though that will not have a link to a post because I made them before I started my blog. I have no professional training when it comes to making my cakes. A lot of the things I did were self taught, but there are some things, such as baking and how to use decorating tips, that I learned from my Mom, who did take some decorating courses. Well I hope you enjoy viewing over the photos of the cakes I have made and good luck in your cake creations.  :)

Floral Cakes

Character Cakes

Holiday Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes


Food and Drink Themed Cakes

Graduation Cakes

Music Cakes

Sports Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Other Fun Cakes

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