Thursday, May 3, 2012

Va's Cupcake Floral Arrangement

Today is my friend Va's birthday so my friend Jeni, whom is also Va's roommate decided it would be a good idea for me to make her a flower cupcake arrangement.  Not only did Jeni want me to make flower cupcakes she requested that I make the flowers from marshmallows. At first we did not know what color to make the flowers until I found this cute ceramic watering can with polka dots at HomeGoods. 

Now there was a small challenge when it came to figuring out how I was going to get the cupcakes to stay because the watering can had a very small opening and there was no way the styrofoam ball would stay. So I stuffed a couple pieces of styrofoam chunks inside the can and then I sliced a small piece of the ball to make it sit flat. Then I stuck a bunch a wooden skewers going through the ball, then through the holes, and then down to the foam chunks on the bottom. Depending on the container you use you might not have to do that, you might get lucky enough to just push the styrofoam ball into the container until it doesn't move.

To get the cupcakes on the styrofoam ball I found it was easier to put the cupcakes on before decorating, otherwise the decorations on the cupcake might get messed up when placing them on the ball. First place a few toothpicks in the spot you want the flower ( I recommend starting at the top and working your way down). Next take the cupcake and place on the toothpicks using a little force to help make the toothpicks go through the cupcake paper liner. After all the cupcakes are placed on the ball it is then time to decorate.

To make marshmallow flowers you will need both jumbo and miniature marshmallows. Using scissors cut a slice from the jumbo marshmallow and then dip in yellow sugar. Place in the center of a frosted cupcake. Next cut miniature marshmallows diagonally and dip in the color sugar of your choice. Place the miniature marshmallows around the yellow center. Repeat until your flower is complete. 

To complete the arrangement I thought it would be a nice touch to put some floral leaves throughout the arrangement. They also come in handy for the areas that the cupcakes did not cover and left styrofoam exposed. Also I recommend baking the cupcakes in green wrappers to make it look more realistic, but it is not necessary. To see a photo on assembling follow this link to my Sunflower Cupcakes which is also a cupcake flower arrangement. :)

Here is an up close look of the marshmallow flowers.
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