Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Wreath

Last year I wanted to make a wreath for Easter, but I became too busy to make one. So when it came to Easter this year I made sure that I gave myself the time to make one for my front door. I kept it really simple that way anyone can make it. I also wanted to make it affordable so I tried to be resourceful by using a pool noodle to make the wreath form and I used ribbon I had in my stash. I found the eggs at the Dollar Tree so that helped in saving money also. The yarn to make the grass was the most expensive thing, but luckily they were on sale. I love making wreaths especially if I can do them with out spending too much. I have a couple more to share soon, but one is a surprise for someone so I wont be able to share for a while ;)  

Supplies Needed

1 pool noodle (cut down to size preferred, I cut about 6in off)
2 skeins Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarn
2 packages foam sparkly eggs (or any decorative eggs)
Duck Tape
Hot Glue 
Fishing line

To Make

First cut down the pool noodle to the size you prefer, I cut about 6 inches off. Duck tape the ends together, making sure it is secure. Start wrapping the yarn around the wreath (refer to images above). Stop once in a while to fluff the yarn because the threads tend to get stuck under each other keep wrapping until the whole wreath is covered using both skeins of yarn. If your wreath is smaller you will not need as much yarn, but if it is bigger you may need more. Two skeins was just enough for mine. Next make a bow using the ribbon and wire and fasten it to the wreath. Heat up the hot glue gun and glue the eggs to your wreath. Tie a piece of clear fishing line around the top by the bow. Now you are ready to hang your wreath for the Easter season. Enjoy :)
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Monday, March 4, 2013

HomeGoods Cake

Yesterday was the grand opening of HomeGoods in Clovis. So to celebrate all the hard work that the team put into getting the store ready, we thought it would be nice to give them a cake. I decided to make it a little more special by making a cake with the store logo on it. I was very proud of myself with the finished outcome and others were too. What I was most proud of was the fact that I made the logo free hand. I was going to just transfer the image onto the cake but I did not have piping gel or parchment paper. Luckily I was able to make the logo with out those things because the cake came out wonderful.
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