Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Sea Shell and Burlap Wall Art

One of the things I like to look at on Pinterest is the Home Decor section. It gives me ideas on what I can do to decorate my house for cheap. While browsing through Pins, I came across this Pin on some Sea Shell wall art that someone else did. Before I even clicked on the Pin I was in love and told myself that is something I can recreate. So I clicked the Pin and read what they did. I loved what they did and thought it was beautiful, but I could not afford the $150 to do it myself. So I came up with my own way of doing it for way cheaper, and I even got to use some of the shells I collected on the beach. The total cost in the end was around $10, which was more within my budget. In the end I was very pleased with the finished product and I love how they look in my little bathroom. :) 

Supplies Needed

Burlap (found on the remnant shelf at Joanns for 50 cents)
4 picture frames (from the Dollar Tree)
Paint in Navy and White
Assortment of shells (I found the star fish 3pk for $1 and a bag of assorted shells $1 at Michaels in the impulse buy section and they were on sale that week too).
Paint Brushes 
Hot Glue

To Make

First take out the glass and paint the picture frames the color that you would like then let dry. Next paint the shells white and let dry. Next take the glass from the frame and line it up on top of the burlap and use the glass as a guide to cut out the burlap. Now take the piece of burlap and carefully glue it to the glass while making sure it stays straight. Cut off any excess strands of burlap, if any, that gets in the way of placing the glass back in the frame. Now place the back of the frame back in place and secure shut. Now take your shells and figure out how you want them placed on the burlap. Glue in place once you decide where you like them. Now arrange your art work on the wall where you will like them. Now sit back and enjoy the beautiful art you just created for very little money.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Knitted Pumpkin Baby Hat

Every time I would see knitted pumpkin hats on Pinterest and Ravelry I would just think they were the cutest thing. Jillian, the girl I used to babysit, had one and would wear it every time I would take a walk with her. Well since she already has one I decided that I would make one for Jasey, my friend Bethany's baby girl. I already had some orange yarn in my stash from when I made Tomas an orange beanie, so all I had to buy was the green yarn. After I had all the yarn it was then time to finally decide on which pattern I wanted to go with. For the beanie I made I used two different patterns. I did not care for the leaves that were with the pattern for the hat. Part of it had to do with a crocheted trim and I cannot crochet yet. Plus I loved the curly vines that I saw on a different pattern so I decided to combine the two patterns together. When it came to the vines I did two different sizes. I did one the way it was written and for the second I cast on an extra ten stitches. Both of these patterns I got from Ravelry so if you have an account you will be able to access them there for free. I hope you enjoy your pumpkin baby hat as much as I did and especially as much as my friend Bethany did, which she loved :)

Knitted Pumpkin Baby Hat

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn: Pumpkin Color
Vanna's Choice Yarn: Kelly Green Color
Size No. 6 16" circular knitting needles 
Size 6 double point needles


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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Neapolitan Coconut Cake

I was going through a Neapolitan phase so I decided why not make a Neapolitan cake. Lucky for me I had chocolate cake mix as well as strawberry and vanilla cake mix in my pantry. So one by one I baked them according to the package directions as they cooled I made some coconut butter cream frosting. The reason I did coconut flavor was because I was out of vanilla extract, so I used coconut extract instead. After the cake was cool I began frosting the cake. After frosting the outside of the cake I covered the cake with shredded coconut. As soon as I finished the cake I quickly took some pictures and ate some. It was so yummy and tasted just like Neapolitan ice cream. 

Now because I used a cake mix I ended up with two layers of each flavor. But no worries because It was also a friend Josh birthday so I made him a cake as well.

Slice of cake close up.

So yummy!!!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nurse Bait

A few months back I came across this cute and clever gift idea on Pinterest for people who are in the hospital. This cute gift that I am talking about is called Nurse Bait. At the time I found this idea I had no one to give it to, but recently I have had 2 important people in my life to give it to, my Grandma and my friend Bethany. When it came to the one for my Grandma I used a lot of good hard candies because it had to be sent by mail. For Bethany's I used chocolates and some fruity candies since I was able to deliver it myself. Bethany and her Mom really loved this gift. Most importantly Bethany said it was a hit with the nurses, which let me know it served its purpose :)

Now I do not know who came up with this clever idea was or who wrote the poem. The Pin that I saw on Pinterest was just a picture with no link to follow. I wish I was creative enough to come up with this idea, but I didn't someone else did first and who ever did was very clever because this is a perfect gift to give someone in the hospital, that way they will get a little more needed attention from the nurses :)

Here is the close up of the Poem that I printed out and included with the gift.

This is how we placed it on the small table in the room for the nurses to see. Every time they came to check on Bethany we would point out the basket and ask if they would like a piece of chocolate :)
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