Friday, May 4, 2012

Beer Can Earrings, Bracelet and Flower Hair Pin

Just recently I was invited to a White Trash Party and I didn't know what I was going to wear. After searching online for outfit ideas and not finding anything I liked, I decided that I should make my accessories out of beer cans. Also with making my jewelry from beer cans I wouldn't have to spend that much money and Tomas would have beer to drink. On the day before the party I came home with a 12 pack of Coors Light and told Tomas to start drinking, which he was happy to do. After he drank a few I got to cutting. When it came to the hair pin I got the idea from a website, but I don't remember what site I found it on. The earrings and bracelet I came up with as I went. The fun thing about this jewelry is you can use any beer can or soda can you want. Just be careful when cutting the cans making sure you don't cut yourself. The first thing you need to do for any of these accessories is cutting the can. Puncture a hole right above the bottom of the can. Then cut the bottom off. Cut up the can towards the top and cut the top off, leaving you a flat piece to work with. I recommend cutting the can in the back that way you don't ruin the logo. Next its time to decide which accessory you want to make first.

If my instructions don't make any sense feel free to write me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Coors Bracelet 

1 Beer Can
1 Bangle Bracelet
Craft glue
After cutting the can, like I mentioned above, cut the Coors logo out. I left the centers of the C and O's intact, you can cut them out if you want but if you cover it in glitter then it is not necessary to cut those centers out. Next glue the logo from the can to the bracelet. Depending on the size of the bracelet, the can might not lay flat or hang over the edge. On my bracelet the C went above the bracelet a little, but I was fine with it. Now its time to cover the bracelet in glitter. First do the black, then the red, then finish with the white. If you can has other colors do what you want first, but if it has white I recommend doing the white last, that way the other colors do not mix in it. Let dry then enjoy.

Beer Can Flower Hair Pin

2 beer cans (if you want the logo)
1 Rhinestone 
Craft Glue
Bobby Pin

After cutting the can, like I mentioned earlier, cut a small flower out of the logo. The cut another flower out a little bit bigger. For the third flower you can use the second can or the same can and make the third flower bigger then the second. Cut the fourth flower bigger than the third (refer to the photo below to see the different sizes). Now glue the flowers together one at a time. Now using the stapler staple center of the flower twice with the flat side of the staple on the bottom of the flower and the two bump side of the staple on the pretty side of the flower. Doing this will hold your bobby pin in place. After stapling it glue the rhinestone in the center of the flower. Let the flower dry then slip the bobby pin through the staples. Now you are ready to put it in your hair.

Here is what the flowers look like before gluing them together.

Beer Can Earrings

1 Beer can
8 Beer tabs 
2 earrings
28 small jump rings

The earring are harder than the other two to make, but they are not impossible to do.
Using the scrap beer cans from the above products or one beer can cut like I explain above, cut cut 12 circles from the beer cans logo. I also cut two of the mountains on the cans but bot depending on what can you may or may not have a small logo you can cut out and use. If there is nothing that you can use then cut a shape out or another circle. Next cover one side of a beer tab in glue and glitter after it dries do the other side of the tab in glue and glitter. Next I cut the chain giving it about 13 links. Hook the chain using a jump ring to the earring. Next you need to make small holes in all the can pieces. I used a pointed blade and just turned it back and forth until a big enough hole was formed for the jump ring (As shown in the first image below). Using pliers open the jump ring and slide the can through (As shown in the second image below). Now starting from the bottom hook on the mountain shaped piece of can with the jump ring to the chain. Using the pliers close the jump ring. Next hook on a circle piece of can to the next link. Then hook another circle piece the the next link. Now hook on the first glittered tab to the next link. Continue the pattern until you reach the top of the earrings. Enjoy.

Move the blade back and forth to make a small hole.

Open the jump ring with pliers and slide on the piece of can.

And here is me fashioning my beer can jewelry at the White Trash Party :)

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Va's Cupcake Floral Arrangement

Today is my friend Va's birthday so my friend Jeni, whom is also Va's roommate decided it would be a good idea for me to make her a flower cupcake arrangement.  Not only did Jeni want me to make flower cupcakes she requested that I make the flowers from marshmallows. At first we did not know what color to make the flowers until I found this cute ceramic watering can with polka dots at HomeGoods. 

Now there was a small challenge when it came to figuring out how I was going to get the cupcakes to stay because the watering can had a very small opening and there was no way the styrofoam ball would stay. So I stuffed a couple pieces of styrofoam chunks inside the can and then I sliced a small piece of the ball to make it sit flat. Then I stuck a bunch a wooden skewers going through the ball, then through the holes, and then down to the foam chunks on the bottom. Depending on the container you use you might not have to do that, you might get lucky enough to just push the styrofoam ball into the container until it doesn't move.

To get the cupcakes on the styrofoam ball I found it was easier to put the cupcakes on before decorating, otherwise the decorations on the cupcake might get messed up when placing them on the ball. First place a few toothpicks in the spot you want the flower ( I recommend starting at the top and working your way down). Next take the cupcake and place on the toothpicks using a little force to help make the toothpicks go through the cupcake paper liner. After all the cupcakes are placed on the ball it is then time to decorate.

To make marshmallow flowers you will need both jumbo and miniature marshmallows. Using scissors cut a slice from the jumbo marshmallow and then dip in yellow sugar. Place in the center of a frosted cupcake. Next cut miniature marshmallows diagonally and dip in the color sugar of your choice. Place the miniature marshmallows around the yellow center. Repeat until your flower is complete. 

To complete the arrangement I thought it would be a nice touch to put some floral leaves throughout the arrangement. They also come in handy for the areas that the cupcakes did not cover and left styrofoam exposed. Also I recommend baking the cupcakes in green wrappers to make it look more realistic, but it is not necessary. To see a photo on assembling follow this link to my Sunflower Cupcakes which is also a cupcake flower arrangement. :)

Here is an up close look of the marshmallow flowers.
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