Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bethany's Baby Shower Gifts

 Beth and I at her baby shower.

About a month ago was my friend Bethany's baby shower. Now I already showed you the cake I made as well as the blanket I knitted for her. Now I am going to show you the card I made, how I packaged the gift, and the onesie I made for the decorating contest. At the end of the post I will also be giving you a sneak peak of my next post of the baby mobile I just made.  

Usually when I go to someones party I always end up giving them a card that someone else gives them as well (I guess that's what happens when everyone shops at Target). Well I wanted to give Bethany a card that no one else would be giving her, so i decided I would make her a card. I decided that it had to have an elephant on it, since that was part of her theme. After looking online to get ideas I decided that I wanted to make an Origami elephant to put on the card. Now in order to make the Origami elephant I had to YouTube it and constantly pause the video to make sure I was making it right. Next I cut out the size card I wanted from some peachy color card stock paper. Then I cut out a cream rectangle card stock and glued it on the bottom. Next I took some ribbon from my stash and glued it on the cream piece of card stock. Next came gluing the elephant on. Because I used a thick piece of paper I had to use some hot glue to glue the legs close as well as other parts. To finish the card I wrote the baby's name on the front and wrote my message on the inside. I was happy to give Bethany my one of a kind card, especially since I knew no one else would be giving her the same card.  :) 

When it comes to gifts I like to make them as gift baskets whenever possible. Since I was doing a gift basket I needed a basket big enough to fit the blanket I knitted. So I went to the best place possible to buy the basket, work. If you didn't know already I work at HomeGoods. While at work one day I found the grey basket which worked out perfectly. The pink hat, dog bath towel, and the pink elephant frame, which I put Jasey's pic in, all came from HomeGoods as well. As a filler I got some baby lotion and baby wash to put in the basket. After arranging where i wanted the items I put some tissue in the holes and then it was time to wrap it up.

To wrap, I bought some clear cellophane and wrapped up the gift. To tie the top I took some ribbons from my stash and tied it shut with the card attached (which I had to punch a hole in). 

Bethany decided that she wanted to have a decorated onesie contest. So I decided to incorporate some of the things on her shower invitation. First, I found a polka dot onesie at Old Navy. Then I decided that the onesie needed pearls. I found a strand of half pearls and cut them into three strands and used jewel fabric glue to glue to pearls to the onesie to look like a necklace. Next came the tu-tu. I bought 2 yards of pink tulle and cream ribbon. I cut out a piece of ribbon that would be long enough to tie to the baby and then cut out strips of tulle and ribbon and tied them to the long ribbon. I kept going until the tu-tu was full.  

Here is a close up on the bear wearing the tu-tu.

Here is a sneak peak of my next post to come. It is of the baby mobile I made for Bethany's Baby Jasey. :)
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Knitted Heart Blanket

When I found out that my friend Bethany was going to be having a baby I instantly went home and started looking up things on Ravelry that I can knit for a baby. I found a lot of cute things that I can make, however I did not want to start making anything until I knew what she was having. Well when I found out she was going to have a girl, named Jasey Rae, I instantly decided that I wanted to make a blanket with hearts. As a child I had a crocheted blanket with hearts in it that my mom made for me, therefore I thought it would be nice for me to make one for Jasey Rae. The blanket was part of my gift at Bethany's baby shower and she absolutely loved it and I am pretty sure Jasey Rae will love and appreciate it as well.   

The pattern used to make the blanket was called Baby Love Blanket by Renae Jones and I found it on Ravelry. The needles used were size 8 29in. The yarn I used was Lion Brands Pound of Love. I chose white because I felt it made it look very elegant, but any color will look just as nice. 

Here is a close up of the heart details <3

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