Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beth and Jasey Rae's Baby Shower Cake

Today was my friend Beth's baby shower. She is very lucky because soon she will be having a little girl named Jasey Rae. I felt lucky too because I was asked to make the cake for the special occasion. The design of the cake was Beth and her Mom's idea, I helped to bring their design to life. The bottom tier of the cake was a four layer strawberry cake and the top tier of the cake was a four layer pink champagne cake, making the cake an 8 layer cake all together. To make the ruffles on the bottom tier I used Wilton tip # 124. The ribbon on the second cake was just regular ribbon. I made the polka dots a couple days in advance with royal frosting and placed them on the cake with butter cream frosting when it was time. The J on the top was a wood cutout on a stick. I used royal frosting to glue down edible pearl sprinkles to the J, I also made this a couple of days in advance. Overall I feel this was one of the best cakes I ever made. It was also the tallest cake I ever made. Everyone loved it, most importantly Beth loved the cake and that made me extremely happy. :)  

An up-close look at the J covered in edible pearl sprinkles.

A closer look at the top tier of the cake with polka dot decorations. As well as a look at the ribbon and bow.

The bottom tier of the cake decorated with ruffles.

Another view of the beautiful cake I made for Beth and Jasey Rae.  :)

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