Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY $2 Perfume Plate

I wanted something pretty to display my perfumes on in my bathroom. Well the idea came to me while browsing on Pinterest when I came across a bunch of links showing how to make a desert plate from just a small plate and a candle stick. Some people painted theirs but I decided to keep mine plain and simple. So I went to the Dollar Tree and bought 1 glass desert plate and 1 glass candle stick. I went home and right away I made my plate. I was so happy with the finished product I decided I wanted to make another to put Tomas colognes on. This plate stand was so easy to make I know I will be making more again for parties and as gifts. :)

Perfume/ Desert Plate

1 glass plate
1 glass candle stick
Aleene's Glass and Bead Glue

Gently squeeze some glass and bead glue around the top of the candle stick where the plate is going to go (the reason you want to use this glue is because it dries clear and has a strong bond). Place the plate on top of the candle stick, but make sure it is centered while doing it. Next set it in a place to dry and set before using. After its dried, enjoy your plate stand however you choose :)

Here is how cute it looks with a few cupcakes on top :)
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Football Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 It has been a very long time since I posted something on my blog and a lot has happened during that time.
Right after my last post I was promoted to Assistant Manager and then transferred to Bakersfield. With the promotion I was sent to Stockton for about a month, then it was off to Bakersfield. I did not move there so I was commuting sometimes from Fresno and sometimes from Visalia. I spent a lot of time on the road and pretty much had no personal life, until now because I was just transferred to Clovis. Yay!!! I will have a life again. Also during that time Tomas passed the Bar and just got a job. Yay!!! for Tomas. So now that I have my life back I thought it would be nice to start posting some of my creations again.

With today being the Super Bowl I thought I would make a nice treat to celebrate. So far there are no plans for celebrating. There are a couple of options that we were given so I thought I would be prepared just in case we go somewhere. I figured since everyone loves chocolate covered strawberries how about I make them look like footballs. Not only are they cute but they were super easy to make. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Football Chocolate Covered Strawberries

1 lb Strawberries 
1 bag dipping chocolate
1/2 cup white chocolate chips

Wash and dry strawberries. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. Melt dipping chocolate according to package directions. Dip strawberries in chocolate and place on lined baking sheet to dry. Place white chocolate chips in a ziploc bag and melt in microwave, kneading the bag every 30 seconds. Cut a corner of the bag off and squeeze onto dipped strawberries. Make a line across the top and the bottom, and another line going up the strawberry. Make a few little lines crossing over the line going up. It should resemble a football when done. Move the finished strawberries to a plate and serve.

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