Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nurse Bait

A few months back I came across this cute and clever gift idea on Pinterest for people who are in the hospital. This cute gift that I am talking about is called Nurse Bait. At the time I found this idea I had no one to give it to, but recently I have had 2 important people in my life to give it to, my Grandma and my friend Bethany. When it came to the one for my Grandma I used a lot of good hard candies because it had to be sent by mail. For Bethany's I used chocolates and some fruity candies since I was able to deliver it myself. Bethany and her Mom really loved this gift. Most importantly Bethany said it was a hit with the nurses, which let me know it served its purpose :)

Now I do not know who came up with this clever idea was or who wrote the poem. The Pin that I saw on Pinterest was just a picture with no link to follow. I wish I was creative enough to come up with this idea, but I didn't someone else did first and who ever did was very clever because this is a perfect gift to give someone in the hospital, that way they will get a little more needed attention from the nurses :)

Here is the close up of the Poem that I printed out and included with the gift.

This is how we placed it on the small table in the room for the nurses to see. Every time they came to check on Bethany we would point out the basket and ask if they would like a piece of chocolate :)
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