Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunflower Cupcakes

Today is national cupcakes day as well as my friend Melissa's birthday. So for her birthday I wanted to make her something special. We got in these dishes at my job that she really loved because they matched her kitchen. So I decided that i would buy the pitcher and I would arrange some cupcakes that looked like sunflowers in it. When putting it together I ran into some problems that I will definitely fix for the next time. For the brown center of the cupcakes I used Oreos. Well the Oreos seemed to be a little heavy and therefore I lost one of the flowers when it was positioned on the ball. So next time I am going to use mini Oreos instead of regular. The second problem I ran into was with the frosting. Since this was a red velvet cake I wanted to use cream cheese frosting. The problem I ran into with that was that it wasn't as stiff as the butter cream frosting I make. Therefore the petals didn't real hold their shape or hold the Oreo in place. Nest time I will also use green cupcake wrappers instead of white, but that is because I think it would make it look better. Even with my little mistakes Melissa absolutely loved her cake which made me happy.

To assemble the cake can be a little tricky, but it is actually easier than it appears. first you need to pick out the vase you want to use and then you need to get a styrofoam ball that will fit on the top. Firmly push the styrofoam ball through the opening until it stays put. In the case for this cake my opening was too small to hold the ball so I found this circular shaped styromfoam thing and pushed that into the opening. I them shoved about 5 wooden skewers into the ball and then into that circular piece to hold it is place. Next make your cupcakes (depending on the size of the ball will depend on how many cupcakes will fit). My arrangement took about 2 dozen. Now when it comes to decorating the cupcakes you can either do it before placing it on the ball or do it when they are positioned on the ball. For this one since my frosting wasn't holding too well I decorated then first. To put them on place a few toothpicks in the place you want to put the cupcake. Using a hand on each side firmly push the cupcake down on the toothpicks. Because I had the Oreo center it helped in pushing the cupcake down. Keep going until the whole styrofoam ball is covered. To fill in the gaps between the cupcakes and on the bottom of the ball I bought some fake leaves and hot glued them into place. In the end you end up with a flower arrangement of cupcakes. Enjoy :)

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  1. What a beautiful gift. I adore sunflowers and I'm sure they taste as good as they look. Well done!

  2. Oh My Yummilicious and brilliant! I bet Van Gogh will be proud to have them! Thanks for sharing :-)


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