Monday, October 4, 2010

Taco Cupcakes

Today's national food holiday happens to be my boyfriend Tomas favorite food, which happens to be tacos. Yay for tacos!!!!!!! Tacos are always his first choice when I ask him what he wants for dinner. Therefore to celebrate this day we are having tacos for dinner and as for a special desert we are having taco cupcakes. The flavor of the cupcakes are not taco flavor, that would not have tasted so good, they are just a regular white cake with a taco decoration on top. To make the taco shell I rolled out a caramel square into a round shape. I then rolled it into a taco shell shape and filled it with things that looked like the things you would put in a taco. The taco meat is raisins, the shredded lettuce is coconut that I died green, and the tomatoes are chopped up sour straws. Everyone got a kick out of these at my house and I hope you enjoyed this quirky cupcake as well :)
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  1. How did you get the caramel to stiffen up and stay in the tacco shell form. I'm making these for some K-2 graders who's favorite song is about eating cheesy tacco! this is a perfect fit for our end of the year celebration! :)

  2. They kind of just stayed put when I did it. If yours don't stay maybe try some frosting. Hopefully that will help. :)


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