Sunday, October 31, 2010

Candy Apple Cupcakes

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!
We all know today is Halloween, but did you know that there is another holiday going on today worth celebrating? Today is yet another national food holiday and today it happens to be national candy apple day. Now I really wanted to make somethings to celebrate this occasion, however I'm not a big fan of candy apples because they are too hard for me. Therefore I came up with candy apple cupcakes. Unfortunately they don't taste like candy apples, they just sort of look like them. I would have loved to make them taste like an actual candy apple, but I settled for white cake and vanilla frosting because I just did not have the time to be that creative. These were actually very simple to make. All I did was bake them in red cupcake wrappers. When they were cool I frosted them and then dipped them in red sanding sugar. To top it off i stuck a lolly pop stick in the center and placed a white cupcake wrapper underneath the cupcake for decoration. Well I hope everyone enjoys their two holidays today and eats lots of sweets.

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