Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bear Sleeping on the Beach Cake

This is my latest cake creation, and I would have to say it came out pretty cute. This cake was for my friend Christina's birthday, and her and her dad came up with this design, which has special meaning for her. The beach represents Huntington Beach, which I think is where she is from but I'm not a hundred percent sure if she is or not. The bear sleeping on the beach represents UCLA, which is where she graduated from. And the owl perched on the bear's shoulder represents law school, which she is attending right now. When she asked me to do this cake she wanted to know if this would be feasible for me. I instantly had an idea for the beach and the sleeping bear, I just didn't know how I was going to do the owl, so I took the challenge. I figured the best way to make the owl (unless I bought one at the store) would be to mold one using fondant. The only problem with that is I never used fondant before and I never molded or sculpted anything before. Well to my surprise I did pretty good because it only took one try for me to make an owl. Then I started to get a little more creative and I made the pail, shovel, and beach ball out of fondant as well, which I then painted with some of the dyes I had. Overall I think the cake came out great and my friend felt so too. :)

Here is a closer look of the bear falling asleep and the owl that I am proud of.

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