Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ariel's Mushroom Cake with Gnomes

My little sister turned 21 this year back in February. So for her birthday my parents brought her to Fresno so we can take her out and celebrate. My sister loves gnomes, so one of the things my parents got her were Gnomeo and Juliet Statues. My Mom and I thought it would be cute if I made her a mushroom cake and place the gnomes next to the cake. I set up the cake with the gnomes on my table that way when she came through the door she would see the gnomes with the cake. I also placed her present from me and some balloons on the table and we sang Happy Birthday for her when she came through the door. She was excited. :)

To make the cake I used the Nordic Ware 3D Cupcake Pan and baked the cake according to direction. One thing I would recommend is to bake the top separately from the bottom that way the top does not burn. After the cakes have cooled, place the bottom half upside down and then spread some frosting on top. Then place the top of the cupcake on top to create the mushroom shape. Frost the cake with whatever colors you want. You can make little mushrooms to by just making regular cupcakes. If you want some green grass for decoration just dye some coconut with green food coloring. Place gnomes on side of cake if you want or you don't have too. :) Enjoy:)

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