Friday, April 8, 2011

Toasted Coconut Bird's Nest Cupcakes

I just love coconut, so I figured why not make a coconut flavored cupcake and put toasted coconut on top. Plus since they look like nest it goes perfect for the Easter holiday. They are very simple to make and you can make them for any occasion, just don't put the egg candies on top and they wont look Easterish. Just prepare a white cake mix according to the box and after all combined add about two or more teaspoons of coconut extract to the batter, if you don't have any coconut extract you can just do with out. Bake the cupcakes according to the package and let cool. While the cupcakes are cooling dump a whole package of shredded coconut on to a cookie sheet and place under a broiler. Cook until the coconut starts to turn brown but don't let it burn. Try to stir the coconut every once in a while to make sure it browns evenly. Frost the cupcakes with a white frosting and then dip the frosted cupcake into a coconut, and repeat for each cupcake. Ta da you now have coconut nest cupcakes. Place a few candy eggs on top, if you like, and enjoy.
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