Saturday, September 18, 2010

Escalade and Air Jordan Cakes

These are the two cakes that I just recently made for two little boys 1st Birthday parties. I was asked to make cakes with an Escalade on one and an Air Jordan on the other and use the colors black, white, and blue, which were the color theme they had going for the party. The one with the car is my attempt of making an Escalade and the one with the shoe is supposed the be an Air Jordan Sneaker. I had the hardest time with the car because all I could find were actual photos of an actual Escalade. So with the help of my boyfriend we were able to create an image that I could use on the cake. The shoe didn't really cause any troubles since it is a simple shape. I did however had to find out what Air Jordans looked like because I had no clue. Along with these cakes I also made 3 dozen cupcakes. Half of the cupcakes were chocolate with white frosting and the other half was white cake with Black frosting. Hopefully the little kids like their cake and I hope they had a great 1st birthday. :)

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