Monday, January 31, 2011

Giant Toasted Coconut Donut Cake

While looking through a sales ad one day I came across an ad for a giant 3D donut pan. I just had to have it so I rushed to the store to buy it. Unfortunately when I got there they had none left in stock, so I became very sad. Well for Christmas I got lucky because my family found one and bought it for me. And it took me until now to finally put it to good use. I figured the best way to try it out would be to make a giant toasted coconut donut cake. Now to be honest I didn't eat any of it because I don't really care for cake much, but I am assuming it was good because the plate was cleaned in no time. To make it I didn't do anything special. All I did was prepare a cake mix and bake it in the donut pan. When done I stacked the two layers together to make the donut. I then took a can of vanilla frosting and placed it in the microwave for no more than 15 seconds. I then took that frosting and pored it over the top of the donut cake. I then took about 1 cup sweetened coconut and placed it on a cookie sheet and toasted it under the broiler until the coconut was a nice golden brown. I then sprinkled that coconut on top of the frosting. And Viola I had a giant toasted coconut donut cake. If you don't have a donut pan then you can do this cake with any pan you desire. If you do make this cake or any cake then I hope you enjoy it. :)
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