Monday, February 28, 2011

Fancy Cupcakes With Pearls

Today is my little sister Ariel's birthday, and even though she is my little sister she is no longer little because today she turned 20. So to celebrate my family actually came down to Fresno and we all went out for lunch and did some shopping before they headed back home. Well last night I ended up making some banana cupcakes because I was bored and since my family was coming down for the day I put some candles on a few and when my sister came up to the door I surprised her with the cupcakes. I soon learned that she didn't like banana cupcakes, but she did think they were pretty. They were very easy to make, they were just a little time consuming so I didn't decorate all the cupcakes. All I did was swill on the frosting with a frosting tip and then I took the white pearl sprinkles and went around some, not all, of the edges of the frosting. They came out very elegant in the end. I really love using those pearl sprinkles. So if you ever see them in the store I highly recommend buying them.
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