Friday, July 9, 2010

Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes Revisted

This week has been a week of repeats for me. So that is why I am posting something I did over a month back. I would have rather posted something new, but I was to busy making cakes that I have already made. The first cake I had to repeat was the Star Wars cake. That was the third time I had to make that cake for someones birthday. That cake has now become one of the easiest cakes I have made since I have made it so many times. When it came to the marshmallow flower cupcakes, this would be the second time I made them. This time I made them for my manager's daughter's 1st birthday. I had to make a total of 72. To make it easier I we decided that we would have have of them as flowers and the other half just dipped in pink sanding sugar. After hours of cutting marshmallows the cupcakes came out cute. All in all everyone loved the cakes I made for them this week.

The flower's are really light pink, I just did not take a good photo of them. :)

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