Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doggie Diapers

Lately I've been having trouble with my dogs marking their territory around the house. It has been driving me insane. It smells and I'm tired of having to wash everything and shampoo the carpets constantly. Therefore I decided to sit down and make them their own diapers. I had some that my mom previously gave me, but only one fit one of the dogs leaving the other two without. So now they will have diapers that actually fit. Now I'm hoping this will stop the territorial markings, as long as I put the diapers on them.
It is very easy to make these doggie diapers, at least the ones for the boys. The one for the girl dog was a little more difficult just because I had to make sure there was a tail hole and that the measurements were just right, that way she would be fully covered. The first time i made her one I made the tail hole too big, therefore it didn't fully cover her allowing her to pee on the carpet. If you decide to make these for your dogs one thing I would recommend doing is putting a woman's sanitary napkin in the diaper, that way if they do pee themselves all you have to do is throw the napkin away plus it helps with absorbing. Well I hope you enjoy this little project. Below you will see my loving puppies showing off their diapers.
This is Tommy. He looks so handsome, besides the glowing eyes. :)

This is my little Kevin. He decided to sit down for his pose.

And this is my little girl BeBe. She is my little pain in the butt, but I love her.

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