Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Pink Monkey Diaper Cake


This post is a little over due. I made this diaper cake for my sisters baby shower that was in May and now its September. I don't know why I didn't post it sooner, but at least I'm sharing it now. I made this diaper cake as a surprise for my sister and put it as a centerpiece on her gift table. It was a fun and cute way for me to give her some diapers as a gift, along with the many other gifts I gave her. 

It is actually very easy to make the diaper cake and took no time at all to assemble. I will try my best to describe what I did to make it. I have some pictures that show the assembly, but I don't have photos of some of the steps because the cake require both my hands and I had no one home to take pictures of me making it. Good luck when you make your diaper cake and I hope whoever you give it to loves it as much as my sister did :)

Supplies Needed

About 100 diapers (preferably with minimal to no pattern)
A paper towel roll
About 6 rubber bands
Wide pink ribbon
Another size pink ribbon (smaller than the other)
Pink shredded gift basket paper
Hot Glue
3 different sized cake pans
A cute stuffed animal for the top

This is what the layer looks like put together with the rubber bands 

Building the layers
Start placing the diapers in the cake pan in a fan like motion going around one of the cake pans with the top of the diaper on the inside and the bottom going around the edge. Keep filling with the diapers until you cant put anymore. Slide 2 rubber bands onto the diapers. Set aside until you make the other two cake layers.

To put the pieces together

Start with the biggest layer on the bottom. Place a paper towel roll in the center of the cake. Next take the medium sized cake and slide through the middle down to the top of the big layer. Next slide the small layer down the paper towel roll. Now with the cake assembled you can decorate it.

 Here is how it looks with the paper towel roll in the center

Here is how it looks putting the top layer on.

Now to make the cake pretty

 Cut and wrap the biggest sized ribbon around the cake. Piece the edges of the ribbon together with some hot glue. Now take the smaller ribbon and wrap that around the wider ribbon and press shut with some more hot glue. For an extra touch make a few bows and glue them to the ribbon on the cake. Now start stuffing some of the shredded gift basket paper into the diapers of the cake. Finish by placing the stuffed animal on top. Now you are ready to give your gift to someone special. :)

Here is how it looks with the ribbons and the process of stuffing the shredded paper into the diapers.

Here is another look at the finished product.
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