Saturday, September 7, 2013

Starbucks Frappuccino Cupcakes

 My friend Beth loves Starbucks. So for her birthday I wanted to give her a special treat to go with the photo tile coasters I made her. I wanted the special treat to have something to do with Starbucks, but I didn't want to do the small Starbucks cupcakes that I have been seeing all over Pinterest. So I had to get my creative juices flowing. The idea to make Frappuccino cupcakes came to me when I bought coffee for my team at work. After they finished up the coffee I saw that there were some of the Starbucks cups left, so I grabbed them, but I still wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them just yet. After some thinking I came up with the idea to go to the store and buy a pack of the bottled Frappuccinos, in the cardboard holder. I wanted that because I was going to take the bottles out and put the paper cups in their place. I got the straw at Starbucks when I went and bought myself a Frappuccino one day and used my own straw to drink it so I can keep the straw for her cupcakes. So none of the products I used were stolen. 

To Make:

 After gathering all the products needed it was time to assemble the cupcakes. To make the cupcakes all you need is a cake mix, a can of frosting, and some chocolate syrup. After baking the cupcakes and they cool off you can start putting the Frappuccinos together. It will take about 10 cupcakes to make them how i did. First place one whole cupcake with no wrapper in the cup. Then put a little frosting on top of that cupcake in the cup. Next cut a cupcake in half and place in the cup on top of the frosting, then put some frosting on top of that cupcake. Now place one more whole cupcake on top of the rest in the cup. There will be some space between the edge of the cup and the cupcake. Just place some frosting in the space to keep them from moving and continue to frost the whole cupcake. Give it a messy look to make it look like whipped cream was squirted on top. Top it off by drizzling chocolate syrup on top. Repeat these steps until you have four Frappuccinos. Now take your straw and cut it into fours and place in the cupcakes. Now place the four cups into the carrier and now you have a fun and tasty gift to give to someone special. I hope they enjoy it as much as Beth did :)    

This is the amazing picture Beth took of the cupcakes and photo tile coasters I gave her for her birthday :)
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