Friday, August 10, 2012

London Knitting Charms

I am a little late posting these London Knitting Charms that I made, and when I say late I mean months. I made these charms for my friend Laurie back in January and some how I forgot them so their photos ended up forgotten in a file on my computer until now. With the London Olympic games going on right now it will make this post that much better, so maybe it is a good thing the pictures were forgotten until now. 

Now let me tell you a little on why I made these London Knitting Charms to begin with. Laurie, my friend and coworker loves everything London. Every time something with the Union Jack flag comes in I run over to show her. Well while I was shopping at Michael's when I noticed these cute London charms in the bead section. I instantly thought of Laurie and decided that I would make these into knitting charms for her. When I gave them to her she loved them, she even said she was going to take them to her knitting group that night.

To make these charms follow the instructions that I gave for the Pearl Stitch Markers.

And if you are giving homemade knitting charms as a gift tie them to some scrap yarn for that extra nice touch.  :)
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