Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pearl Stitch Markers

I fell in love with knitting over these past few months. I love it so much that now I find myself knitting every chance I get. As I started to do more things with knitting I learned that I needed to buy things like stitch markers, which I did and all they were was solid color rings in different sizes. Well one day my mom gave me a couple of stitch markers that she made for me, they were so pretty that they got me to thinking that I should make more pretty stitch markers. So I pulled down my bead collection and got to brainstorming on how I wanted them to look. After I made 5 for myself I decided that this would be a cute gift idea for my mom and friends that knit. They all loved their stitch markers and they look so pretty on the knitting needles. Making stitch markers is so easy to do, I will definitely make some more really soon.

These are the supplies needed.
Beads, rings, head pins, pliers, and wire cutters.

Slide beads onto the head pin, making sure the hole of the first bead is not bigger then the end of the head pin or it will fall off. Next slide the ring onto the head pin leaving a little space in between the beads and the rings. Using the pliers bend the wire down under the ring and cross over the wire causing it to hold the ring in place so it doesn't slip off. Next take the wire cutters and snip off the extra wire. If necessary use the pliers to wrap the excess wire around the wire under the ring. Now you have yourself your own homemade stitch markers. Hopefully you can follow along with the directions I gave on how to make stitch markers. If needed feel free to ask any questions you may have.

To give these as a gift tie the markers onto a piece of scrap yarn and tie a nice bow.
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