Monday, August 13, 2012

Knitted Elephant

This is Barbri. Barbri is the elephant I hand knitted while Tomas studied for the bar using a study program called Barbri. Everyday Tomas would come home and talk about what he studied that day and what he learned from the lectures he watched from Barbri that day. Therefore since I always heard the name Barbri while I knitted my elephant, I only saw it fit that I name my elephant Barbri. 

Barbri was the first knitted stuffed animal I made, the knitted bunny I just posted about recently was the second. For a while I wanted to knit a stuffed animal, but I was a little intimidated because they look so hard. After looking at a bunch of animal patterns my mom showed me one on Ravelry called Elefante. After looking over this pattern I saw that it wasn't going to be too hard, therefore I gave it a try. After a few days of knitting all the parts and piecing them together I had myself a cute little hand knitted elephant stuffed animal. I was extremely proud of myself and Tomas was too. Because this was the first stuffed animal I knitted I became attached and could not give it away, Tomas agreed with me too. We decided that we would hold on to it for the day we have kids. So for now Barbri sits on a shelf in my room until the day that there is someone to play with her.  :)

The pattern for the elephant  is called Elefante and can be found on Ravelry
The pattern I used for the ears I found on The Rainey Sisters Blog. I made four ears instead of two though. I made two pink and two grey that and then stitched them together. I did that because i wanted both sides to be in a stockinette stitch as well as I wanted the inside of the ears to be pink and the outside to be grey.

The needles I used were size US 5
The yarn I used was from my stash
The Grey yarn was Patons Canadiana in Medium Grey Heather
The pink yarn was Bernat Satin Satin Breast Cancer Yarn in Flamingo
The black eyes was Embroidery Floss in Black

Isn't she just the cutest <3 br="br">

 Her standing on all fours as well as her nose :)

  A side shot including her tail.

Of course I needed to take a butt shot. Just look how cute it is :)
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