Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rose Petal Wreath

Lately I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. I lose track of time as I look at the pages of things I can make. Well one of the things I see a lot of is wreaths. So it got me to thinking that I should make a wreath for every holiday and special occasions. To start things off I decided to make a wreath for Valentines Day. The wreath I decided to do was one with rose petals. I saw one similar on Pinterest where they used pins to hold the petals in place. I didn't want to see the pins so I just glued them on individually. I took me a while to find the rose petals I liked, but I found the perfect ones at Hobby Lobby. Their roses petals had four different types of petals per box. It took no time at all to make this wreath and the final product came out great. Now I need to start thinking about the wreath I will be making for St Patrick's Day.

These are the supplies you need. Foam wreath (one that won't melt when the glue touches it), red rose petals, and a hot glue gun.

To make the wreath just put a dab of glue on a petal and place on the wreath. Repeat until wreath is completely covered. While gluing in down don't glue them in a straight row, instead have them going different ways. Glue a ribbon to the back and tie to your door. Enjoy.

Happy Valentine's Day <3
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