Monday, October 1, 2012

Spooky Wreath

Its Halloween Season, Yay!!!!! I actually feel like it has been Halloween season for a while now, but that is because I work in retail and the seasons come around early. Well anyways I decided that I should get into the spirit of things and do a little decorating for Halloween, especially since I always see great ideas on Pinterest. So I decided to make a wreath for my door, like I did back during Valentine's Day. I didn't want to spend much money on the project so after looking at other wreaths I have seen I decided to make one using mostly things I had around my house. 

I remembered I had a black feather boa that I used for a Halloween costume years ago, so I dug it out of the box and got to thinking of all the ideas I could do with it. One if the things I was going to do was put foam balls as eyeballs on the wreath, I even thought about buying orange glass ornaments and placing them through out the wreath. While at The Dollar Tree one day I saw that they had a great selection of Halloween Ribbon. So I decided that I should just keep my wreath simple and just make a pretty bow and attach it to the wreath. When it came to the wreath structure I was lucky to already have had a wicker wreath in my craft closet (which I actually found at the Dollar Tree a while back). Unfortunately, the wreath was light brown and I did not want it to show through the feathers so I spray painted it black with the paint I already had. Overall I was satisfied with the finished product and I also felt like it didn't cost me much to make, especially since I bought the things over a period of time. Also Tomas loved the wreath too, so that made me happy.  :)


1 Wreath structure (wicker or foam)
1 black feather boa
Floral Wire
Hot glue

To Make

First wrap the boa around the wreath. If the boa is not big enough or you can see the color of the wreath and it is not black I would suggest painting it black first. After you wrap the boa around the wreath completely, glue or tie it in place. My boa had some sort of ribbon loops on the end, so I was able to tie the ends together and use one of the loops to hang it on the door. After the boa is wrapped around you can use glue to secure it all in place if needed. Mine stayed put so I did not use any glue. This comes in handy because if I ever need my boa for a costume again I will be able to take it off and use it. Next take your ribbon and make a nice bow and use floral wire to hold the bow together and to secure in place. Now your wreath is ready to hang up and enjoy.   
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